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We assist your organization to become GDPR compliant and more important: to keep it that way for the future. With practical advice and smart solutions that perfectly match your way of doing business.

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Often there are more options and less is needed in order to make your organziation GDPR compliant then generally assumed, and, most important, to continue to do your business as usual. That is a matter of knowing exactly what the possibilities are. This is the power of PrivacyNed.

A few examples of the services we offer: we provide GDPR scans of your organization, we prepare all your privacy documents and offer direct assistance when data breaches occur. We provide DPO-as-a-service. For more detailed information on the services we provide, don't hesitate to contact us!

Certified privacyexperts

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in privacy and data protection.


we understand how to implement GPDR in a business without your commercial powers being limited
Our Services

What we offer

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GDPR scan

A simple scan to determine where your organization stands with regard to privacy compliancy and whether this complies with current legislation. Now and in the future
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DPO as a service

Hire your data protection officer (DPO), flexible and fully customized for your organization.
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Immediate assistance in case a data breach has occurred. We guide you through the process from assessment to reporting to the Data Protection Authority and evaluation.
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Checklists and templates

Praktische checklists en voorbeelden voor o.a. privacyverklaringen, verwerkersovereenkomsten en reacties op inzageverzoeken.
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Privacy impact assessment

A change in your business processes, a new supplier or using new software tools? This may trigger the obligation to perform a PIA. We provide advice and do aorganize a privacy impact assessment (PIA)
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Workshops and training on GDPR. Training for your employees. Incompany or online, and tailormade to fit your company's needs.

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Any questions? Call us at +31 (0) 85 822 5442 or send an email to We'll be happy to provide you more details on our services and to discuss further.